Organization is some kind of factory, plant, corporation or some other type of industrial, engineering or trading organization, which creates production.

Here is an example with NaiveShark organization profile on site.

Linked orgs

For each organization you can define the list of subsidiaries (acquisition) organization - structure of large holding or corporation, for example. For each subsidiary host organization will be shown as Parent. Each organization can contain unlimited list of subsidiaries, and can have a several parents (for complex form of ownership).

Linked products

List of products, linked with this organization. You can assign the local (manufacturer) code for product for this organization (local trade-name), and url to product page on organization web-site. Also, you can check the Role of organization to this product (Design, Manufacture, Sell, Supply, Service and Utilization flag available).

Local code

See example DuPont:

  • PTFE - product short name
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene - product full name
  • Teflon - product trade-mark of DuPont


For example - DuPont


Screen-shot taken at 20 jan 2015.

Parameter Value
Organization full name DuPont
NYSE code DD (auto converted to link)
Wikipedia keyword DuPont (auto converted to link)
External images (taken from Wikimedia commons) DuPont.svg
Subsidiaries and acquisitions not listed
Linked products PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene (DuPont trade-name - Teflon). DuPont marked as manufacturer of this product

Each organization should be assigned to category.