About is an engineering community portal and open database of world-wide industrial products. You are free to add your (or any) organization or products to catalog, or extend existing information.

Who can use it?

  • Engineers - to search for information about materials and products for their professional needs
  • Industrial manufacturers - to public the information about their production
  • Students - for learning
  • Technical support professionals - for contacting with costumers
  • Anyone!

Database is published on web-site, and supported by open community and bots. If you are just searching, please, navigate the catalog and read about published product - all information are open for anyone. If you want to add some information - you are free to register and contribute.

How can I contribute?

After you has completed the free and simple registration on site, you can:

  • Add new products and organizations to catalog
  • Add or edit descriptions for existing products and organizations
  • Add or edit property values to products and organizations
  • Reorganize structure of catalog
  • Add new quantity, property and measure units to reference

For rising popularity of NaiveShark community-driven portal, please, post the link to on any sites, forums, social networks, where any people can learn about it.

Version history

Version 0.5 “Hooktooth dogfish” 10 june 2015

  • More sophisticated product searching - filter by metrical property amount and enumerated properties.

Version 0.4 “Smalleye pygmy shark” 26 may 2015

New features:

  • Simple product searching - filter by name
  • Web API for user notifications for desktop-client

Version 0.3 “Blurred lanternshark” - 13 apr 2015

New features:

  • Images for enumarable property variant
  • For metrical property - using the property default unit

Version 0.2 “Velvet belly lanternshark” - 03 apr 2015

New features:

  • New statistics page - “New product count by date”
  • New optional “Clarifying product” link for enumerable property variant.

Version 0.1.2 “Another one bite of pygmy ribbontail catshark” - 24 mar 2015

This is an another small update above 0.1 and 0.1.1 version.

New feature:

  • Task search filters in project page

Version 0.1.1 “Weak bite of pygmy ribbontail catshark” - 13 mar 2015

This is a small update above 0.1 version.

New features:

  • Edit the previously posted topic and topic comments (for authors)
  • User notifications about topic changes

Fixed bug:

  • Invited project member can’t open the project to accept - if project is private.

Version 0.1 “Pygmy ribbontail catshark” - 06 mar 2015

Named as a one of smallest Pygmy ribbontail catshark species, version 0.1 introduce main new feature - projects.

New feature:

  • Private and public projects for our users. Project is a place to plan and discuss your engineer approaches, tasks, share file links for materials and results.

Version 0.0.6 “Weak bite of spined pygmy shark” - 07 feb 2015

This is a small update above 0.0.5 version.

New features:

  • New Talk page for products, orgs and categories - for user discussions.


  • New separate command for Ancestor product field changing.
  • View-Talk-Edit-Hitory commands are now tabpages in products, orgs and categories.

Version 0.0.5 “Spined pygmy shark” 20 jan 2015

Named as a one of smallest Spined pygmy shark species, version 0.0.5 introduce many new features:

  • Description for category.
  • Link type between product and organization: organization can be a designer of product, manufacturer, seller etc. - or all-in-one.
  • Hierarchy of organization (structure of large holdings and corporations). Inactive flag for organization - for historical information.
  • External codes for organizations (NYSE) and products - for linking with internet databases (PubChem, ChemSpider, ZINC, ChEBI on-line chemical databases).
  • AJAX-widget for selecting product via filtered select-box: in editing BOM, linking with products - in any places where large list of product are exist in select-box fields.
  • Amount value extended in metrical properties. Now it can be integer, float, fraction and proportion value, with =, =< or < conditions.
  • Site statistic page ( Product and org total count, Product count by categories, Latest added/modified products and Most used templates pages).
  • RSS feed for Latest added/modified products
  • Wikipedia keyword and list of Wikimedia Commons images for category, product or org.
  • List of inherited products now paged as thumbnail grid

Version 0.0.4 “Dwarf lanternshark” 18 nov 2014

Named as a name of smallest Dwarf lanternshark species, version 0.0.4 is a site release with base working functionality for product and organization descriptions.

  • New web link fields for product, organization and for product page on organization site.
  • In product page now showing the full path to through product inheriting path.
  • Linking organization to product now available on product page.

Version 0.0.3 “Soaring on the seabed” 09 nov 2014

  • New “Send feedback” command in main menu
  • Changes on quantity page in units list: unit with factor=1 (in main cases this is a base unit for this quantity) is highlighted.
  • New measurement conditions option for measured properties for product.
  • In the list of properties on product page - links to property reference has added. In property page in reference - list of used products (with amount and links) has added.

Version 0.0.2 “Deep currents” 06 nov 2014

  • Add: Relations between products (“Required accessories”, “Repair parts”)
  • Fixed error in BOM editor (“amount max” is optional parameter now)

Version 0.0.1 “Call from the abyss” 27 oct 2014

First release with basic functions:

  • User profiles
  • Catalog structure
  • Products with properties
  • Organizations
  • Full-text search
  • Full history of data editing
  • WYSIWYG Editor for descriptions, with rich text formatting, image and video embedding.
  • SharkBot